It is all about you

You have a choice of studio or location, classical or contemporary.  Every session is tailored for you and your family. We will guide you through the choices. Our priority is to give you an unique experience so all our sessions are loaded with music, fun, and smiles. We don't take pictures, we create memories. 


Executive Headshots:

We provide our clients a polished and fabulous image that effectively reflects their personality, values, and professionalism. We expertly align the headshot with the standards and requirements for each industry. Whether using vibrant colors or the perfect gay scale, neutral backdrops or busting cityscapes. If you're determined to make your business a success, you need to connect with your clients and look credible, trustworthy and approachable. You need to show the world you mean business. Investing in professional photos of yourself and your staff will help you do this. Our client list ranges from entry level professionals to successful entrepreneurs and CEOs of top tier companies. Packages Start at $99.00


Model Portfolios:

We advise our clients about what kind of pictures to include based on the type of modeling they are looking to do. The main goal is to demonstrate her/his ability to portray different characters, age ranges and personality. We include good headshots without makeup, these are called Polaroids, It's also important to have good body shots, with swimwear or tight-fitting clothes, especially if the client is looking to apply to the larger model markets. We keep the portfolio very professional by only including high quality photos. Our clients leave with a complete portfolio of 10 – 25 images.  Packages Start at $275.00



It's finally the time you have been waiting for, all your hard work has lead you to this moment ... SENIOR YEAR!

You have put in the work, now it is time to have some fun with your senior photos. Do you play sports? An instrument? What are your favorite hobbies? Do you love music? What makes you unique? We want to feature all these things that make you YOU!

We have several options to get the photos that you want. Contact us for a free consultation to customize your session. Collections start at $297


Mobile Studio

We have the capacity to go anywhere any time. Our equipment is 100% mobile so we can go to any location in or outside town.  



Studio rental:

Our gorgeous studio is available for rent to other photographers or videographers at hourly or flat rates. It includes:   Studio Space  800 Sq/ft , V Flats,  Hair and makeup station, Mobile furniture, room for boudoir , backdrop with white and grey rolls, space for consultation and showing, Break station ( single cup  brewing system). Hourly rates start at $30.00 


Product Photography:

The power of images we provide is hard to ignore. We make the product look as appealing as can be by using the right amount of light, specific backgrounds, and different presentation styles.  We know our clients need great images of their products because not having them can result in losing some serious sales.  Packages Start at $200.00



We are able to provide prints at any size using a huge variety of materials such as paper, canvas, wood, metal, etc. This products can be ordered directly from our website. Start at $10.00



We provide makeup service to our clients. To ensure that our clients feel confident about using this service Nelcy Baltz is certified by the state of Florida as a facial specialist. Start at $25.00


Edition: (included in all collections)  

Color correction: making sure your skin is the right tone. 

Skin Enhancements: reducing redness, softening lines and shine, removing blemishes,  whitening of eyes and teeth.

Fixes: removing bumps or wrinkles from clothing

Composite: Adding a second photo for an ideal background setting. we put a lot of thought and research into selecting a beautiful background photo to fit your look.